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Productivité Finance
Développeur Carrott

Carrott helps you save the ‘lazy cash’ (spare change) from your everyday purchases and contribute it towards retirement savings, or paying a bit extra off your mortgage or FEE-HELP. Isnt it time you used sense to make cents?

AS SEEN ON: Business Insider (AU), Canstar, Financial Observer, Financial Standard,, Money Magazine and Startup Daily.

• Automate your saving and contributions using the lazy cash (spare change) from your everyday transactions
• Make contributions towards your existing Superannuation Account, or pay a bit extra off the Mortgage or FEE-HELP debt
• Find out how long until your next round up with the Lazy Cash Gauge
• Make additional contributions from within the app
• Easily retrieve account information such as Balance, Round Up History (past 10 transactions)
• Change your Spending, Funding and/or Account details from inside the app - anytime, anywhere
• 4-digit login for even faster access to your Carrott Account

Download Carrott now for FREE! There are no fees until you have a lazy cash round up.


"It is a painless, automated way to contribute more to superannuation" - MONEY MAGAZINE (1)

Carrott is “encouraging time-poor generation Y professionals to contribute their ‘lazy cash’ to superannuation” - FINANCIAL OBSERVER (2)

"Carrott’s aim is to give you clearer sight of your savings goals" - CANSTAR (3)

“The app empowers consumers to save money towards retirement, whilst gaining a better understanding of their finances” – FINANCIAL STANDARD (4)

“Stop Lazy Cash” is a registered trademark of Carrott (Australia) Pty Ltd. Copyright © 2018 Carrott.